SMEs and Endpoint Security: Why It Is Important To Care

Aug 26, 2022Network Security, Cybersecurity

Starting a small business or company can be challenging. Many things need to be carefully considered, such as funding, business plans, marketing, and other aspects. Aside from being a handful, these tasks or elements also take a lot of time, especially during the early stages. As the business flourishes, there’s a higher inclination towards digitalization in order to speed up the process. Now, the struggle in digitalization is the security of data. As a hybrid working and the use of cloud technology has amplified, cybersecurity threats have become rampant. Needless to say, cybercriminals have amped up their game, too. 


According to research, there were 50% more cyberattacks per week on companies compared to 2020. Yes, the cases have become alarming. Even huge companies such as Yahoo, Marriott International, Facebook, and First American Financial Corp. have been victims of data breaches. Given this, it is paramount for businesses, particularly, SMEs to pay close attention to endpoint security. 


Understanding Endpoint Security

Understanding Endpoint Security

In a nutshell, endpoint security is the process of protecting devices like desktops, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets from malicious threats and cyberattacks. It is a cybersecurity solution that enables companies to provide the investigation and remediation capabilities needed to respond to dynamic security incidents and alerts.


To avoid any device being used by the company or business, businesses should deploy solutions that can analyze, detect, then block and contain any data breach or malware attacks. Thus, endpoint security has become crucial. It plays a vital role in protecting organizations from the increasingly dangerous threat landscape. It provides system admins with a centralized management console that is installed on a network or server and enables them to control the security of all devices connecting to them.


Importance Of Endpoint Security For SMEs

Importance Of Endpoint Security For SMEs

Endpoint security is crucial for businesses of all sizes. As cybercriminals are continuously looking for ways to take advantage of employees, infiltrate networks, and steal private information, it is equally important to get your endpoint security up-to-date. 


Certainly, no business would ever dream of having their sensitive data fall into the hands of cybercriminals regardless if the data was acquired through phishing, malware infection, or other threats. Keep in mind that having an endpoint security solution can keep malware from spreading through the machine. In addition, here are the other reasons why SMEs should care about endpoint security.


  • Advanced Internal Protection

With highly secure endpoints, you can be confident that your organization can be kept out of the headlines and maintain its reputation. Since it comes with a better security parameter, gaps that may have been overlooked can be brought to light. Thus, making sure that your internal information is kept safe.


  • Advanced Threat Protection

Unlike traditional antivirus, endpoint security solutions are designed to protect all of the connected devices across an entire enterprise network. It plays a crucial role in securing modern businesses and preventing cyber thieves from obtaining access to their networks.



  • Cost savings

By having an endpoint security solution, a company can save more money in the long run. They will no longer pay for manual data retrieval and troubleshooting as problems are prevented before they even occur. With the prevention of ransomware or malware attacks, companies can avoid spending dollars in dealing with the damage of data loss.


  • Unified security management

Through endpoint security, you can easily manage hundreds of endpoints from a single interface. By leveraging a virtually seamless deployment and engaging in ongoing endpoint management, security weaknesses can be identified quickly and addressed in less time, unlike the traditional process that is time-consuming and creates security gaps.


  • Identity Protection

With a robust endpoint security offering that utilizes the zero-trust approach, valuable information which is considered critical assets of your company can be kept safe. Using the right endpoint security tools, you can build a better cyber-resilient work environment with effective identification and neutralization of a number of attack vectors. It also guarantees that employees’ devices are secure, creating room for them to operate safely regardless of how or where they connect to corporate information and services.


Key Takeaway


Hackers are continuously coming up with new ways to get access to and steal information from businesses. Thus, putting in place a variety of other security tools, solutions, and processes to ensure complete security has become a necessity. Keep in mind that choosing a reliable endpoint management system is highly beneficial for SMEs. It should provide a unified approach to managing and securing endpoint devices. Selecting the best security solution depends on every organization’s individual situation and security requirements. Now, more than ever, SMEs should become a priority among SMEs.