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About Us

Bull Durham Technologies is a nationwide reseller offering software solutions at at affordable pricing. Contact us today to learn how we can protect your data!

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide your business with unparalleled product knowledge so your business doesn’t have to worry about the intricacies involved with software solutions.

Our Products and Services

We offer the best technology to protect your organization from downtime.




Customer Satisfaction at the Lowest Price

Just because we offer our clients affordable pricing doesn’t mean customer service should be lacking.

In fact, we pride ourselves on our customer service. Our knowledgeable, customer-focused staff, provides your business the best customer service in the industry period. Without our clients and their satisfaction we would exist today. Give us a call or send us an email, I can guarantee you we will exceed your expectations.

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Ready To Get Started? We’re Here To Help

To effectively protect yourself from highly sophisticated cyber attacks that evade conventional endpoint security tools, you need a layered defense approach with multi-stage signature-less technologies, including advanced machine learning, behavioral analysis, anti-exploit and integrated sandbox.