Bitdefender Business Security
Bitdefender Business Security

Who needs this security product?


Bitdefender Business Security is designed especially for small businesses. This product ensures easy but effective oversight of your IT network security. 


Bitdefender Business Security does not require any complicated installation and management process. It offers a comprehensive line of protection tools for small businesses. 


What Benefit does this product provide?


Effective Threat Detection


Bitdefender Business Security consistently ranked among the best in computer protection in independent testing facilities– blocking 99.5% of threats during internet surfing tests, and 99.9% of all malware attacks without affecting computer performance.


Bitdefender Business Security uses the following methods to detect threats:


Machine Learning 


Bitdefender Business Security uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms to identify threat patterns in your business computer network. 


The algorithms utilize a significant number of clean and malicious file samples to continuously adapt to the latest threats. This method significantly improves the efficiency of malware detection.


Process Inspection


Bitdefender Business Security monitors all computer processes using the Process Inspector technology. The Process Inspector looks for unusual behaviors and activities. Once the Process Inspector finds anything, Bitdefender Business Security takes action by placing the suspicious file in quarantine and undoing the changes the malicious file has caused. 


Exploit Prevention


Bitdefender Business Security uses real-time exploit prevention to identify and prevent zero-day attacks.


User-Friendly Interface


Bitdefender Business Security keeps its security tools in one place. This security product has a web-based Control Center user interface (UI) where you or your IT staff can manage your business network security.


The control center allows you to easily manage security across all company devices in a single place. You can even access and manage physical and virtual servers in this interface. 


The control center comes with a dashboard that contains a summary of the overall health of your IT network. The dashboard contains information regarding any risk, such as a software misconfiguration, so that you and your IT team can address the issue right away.


Reporting Feature


Bitdefender Business Security can provide you with all sorts of reports. These reports offer visibility into any security incidents, compliance, and assessments of your network status.


As mentioned previously, the control center summarizes important details including several easy-to-understand security insights from its reports. 


Extra Security Features


Bitdefender Business Security offers several layers of protection for your business computer network. It offers a firewall, policy management controls, and an e-mail security console on top of malware detection and prevention.


How Will it improve the customer’s workflow?


Bitdefender Business Security offers a complete security solution for small businesses. It provides easy but effective antivirus protection that safeguards your network from browser-based attacks without affecting computer performance.


Why should the customer purchase?


Bitdefender Business Security is easy to use. It offers efficient network security without complicated steps. 


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