Bitdefender Business Security Premium
Bitdefender Business Security Premium

Who needs this security product?


Bitdefender Business Security Premium offers top-notch, business-grade security solutions. It works well across different platforms including Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac OS platforms. 


Bitdefender Business Security Premium also offers full support for modern mobile platforms. The suite of solutions offered by Bitdefender Business Security Premium is comprehensive.


Bitdefender Business Security Premium is suitable for small to medium-sized businesses. However, it can also offer reliable security solutions to larger organizations.


What Benefit does this product provide?


Bitdefender Business Security Premium features antivirus, anti-malware, software firewall, content control, device control, and Microsoft Exchange protection.


Here are the other benefits that Bitdefender Business Security Premium provides:


User-Friendly Interface


Bitdefender Business Security Premium has a user-friendly client user interface where helpful information is displayed such as when threats are detected. It also offers a play-by-play report of the attack.


The interface has a dashboard where you can easily access information, tasks, activities, etc. For instance, the interface dashboard contains a trend line of malware activity. 


Easy Installer Management Feature


Bitdefender Business Security Premium allows users to define the installer packages that are distributed to client machines. 


The administrator can easily select between Advanced Threat Control, Firewall, Content Control, and an optional Power User module to include in the installer. 




Bitdefender Business Security Premium has a policy page where admins can control the aggressiveness and enablement of different Bitdefender Business Security Premium modules. 


For instance, the admin can determine whether the firewall is enabled, specify the kind of web traffic allowed, and specify the type of devices allowed in the system.


Bitdefender Business Security Premium offers the ability to add and manage policies that automatically apply to the relevant network that the admin has set.


This feature allows admins to define separate policies for when company employees access the network from the office versus when they access the network from elsewhere.


Sandbox Analyzer


Bitdefender Business Security Premium has a Sandbox Analyzer which is for inevitable files you are unsure about. The sandbox analyzer feature allows you to submit these files to the sandbox where Bitdefender Business Security Premium can detonate and analyze them.


The sandbox is a safe environment where you can watch what happens to the questionable files and determine whether it is safe to run.


How Will it improve the customer’s workflow?


Bitdefender Business Security Premium provides high-quality security solutions to its users. It offers an excellent response to attacks that will keep your business network safe.


Bitdefender Business Security Premium gives users and admins clear and specific information by notifying them with data about the attack. The notification includes the threat type, name of the malware, file name, and related information that comes up as soon as a threat is detected.


The admins are also given the means to set specific rules or policies to the network protection— making the process automatic for each device that connects into the system.


Why should the customer purchase?


Bitdefender Business Security Premium is easy to use. It offers efficient network security without complicated steps. 


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