Productive and Safe Network with Bitdefender for Business

Sep 21, 2021Network Security, Remote Network Security

There are many ways to determine productivity in a company. You can check your office productivity by objectives, output, or profit. Regardless of how you want to keep track of the productiveness in your workspace, it is important to keep your network safe with a network security product like Bitdefender for business.


Bitdefender for business has several software packages that offer multiple layers of security for your company such as GravityZone Business Security, GravityZone Advanced Business Security, GravityZone Elite, and GravityZone Ultra Security.


You will find that people can shy away from creativity and resourcefulness when they worry about causing security issues in your corporate network. Giving them some assurance that they can confidently do their job as long as they stay vigilant against cybercrimes and hacking tactics because your company has security measures in place will help your people be fearlessly productive.


Ways that BitDefender for Business Can Boost Employee Productiveness

Bitdefender for Business and employee productivity

Here are some things that highly productive people can do without the fear of cyberattacks with the help of Bitdefender for business.


Reaching goals.


Highly productive people tend to set long-term goals along with milestones. Their purpose dictates how far they would like to go. However, when they may refrain from going up and beyond if they feel like there is so much unspoken restriction because your computer units and corporate network are vulnerable to cyber attackers. 


It would help if your network at least has a network security product like a Bitdefender for business software like Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security which does not require any complicated installation. It can report any threats right away which will allow you and your IT team to eliminate the problem and prevent a data breach from happening.


Although it is still important for each of the members of your company to stay safe while using the company network– it helps to know that you will not be caught off guard by a cyber-criminal. In situations like this, security tools like Bitdefender for business is an ideal choice for network protection.


Think outside the box.


Some of the best ideas are outside the box. There is no problem with following a routine or a standardized system since it will help manage the quality of your output. However, when you are open to creative suggestions– you’ll find some more efficient ways to do things.


The problem with thinking outside the box is sometimes people have to search for other tools or do their research to make sure that their idea will work. However, not everything on the internet is safe. The thought of possibly put the company at risk might scare away any smart suggestions from your team.


Aside from cybercrime awareness training sessions, it would also help to have multiple layers of network security in place. There are many products under Bitdefender for business that you can choose from that will keep your network safe without stifling your people’s creativity.




Although some companies think that multitasking is a good thing, it only teaches people to do things half-heartedly in order to “accomplish” more. However, this might be counterproductive in the long term especially if you want to get quality output.


Being careful when on the company network should be second nature to each member of the team– but there is a limit to what they can do to keep your data and files safe. It should be part of their job to carefully evaluate any files, tools, websites, or people that they interact with to make sure that they do not have malicious intent towards the company. However, it should not be their job to track the system and see if there is anything amiss. As such, security looks like Bitdefender for business would play a crucial role in maintaining the files and other data from falling into the hands of cybercriminals.


First of all, not everyone has the knowledge and experience to take on this type of job. Second, if they work to focus on keeping the network safe instead of doing their actual task–then nothing will ever get done. Lastly, if they do try to do both, they would execute both tasks with only half the focus that each task needs. They will inevitably make some errors or miss things.


You can avoid this type of issue by simply having multiple layers of network security measures in place. Antivirus is a good start, but you need to have other safety features in place to make sure that no hacker can pass through your network. Bitdefender for business has plenty of options for companies that offer amazing features from risk analytics to endpoint detection response that will allow you and your team to focus on what really matters.



Both safety and productivity are important for a business to succeed. However, there are times when your concern for safety can affect the productivity of the team. Or in worse scenarios– your productivity can cause more expenses than profit because of data breaches and network issues due to cybercriminal attacks and malicious software.

Having a reliable security product on your network like Bitdefender for business will help ensure that your company data is safe while still allowing you to reach your target output.