Email Security Best Practices to Keep Your Business Network Safe

Aug 27, 2021Cybersecurity, Network Security

Email is one of the most common and most popular methods of online communication– especially in corporate settings. Unfortunately, cyber criminals have been taking advantage of this form of online correspondence for years. A large percentage of malware installed on compromised networks is from corrupted email malware– this is the type of situation security tools like Bitdefender Business Security solutions are trying to prevent.


You need to deploy an adequate layer of security measures to ensure that your corporate network is safe from cyber attacks. You can start by upgrading your email security since they can serve as an easy gateway for phishing attempts and malicious links and attachments.



Bitdefender Business Security | Importance of Enforcing Email Security Best Practices


Keep in mind that cybercriminals exert more effort into their scams now. Although there are still criminals who send phishing emails to random unsuspecting victims, some use more sophisticated methods now.


They will conduct thorough research on their target companies. And you can bet that your business email accounts are some of their prime targets. Since business email accounts are a great source of valuable business and client data, you should implement email security best practices to prevent data breaches in your business network.


Email Security Best Practices to Implement

Email Security Best Practices

Here are some of email security best practices to help you protect your company’s email accounts against the risk of email-borne cyber attacks: 


Conduct cybersecurity awareness training sessions.


Proper cybersecurity awareness training is an essential, but often overlooked, aspect of a successful network security strategy. You can increase your chances of winning against a data breach through email by making sure that every single member of the company is well-trained and informed on handling suspicious emails and other possible cyberattack tools.


Here are some tips that should be included in training sessions:


  • Keep business and personal emails separate.
  • Avoid checking business email using mobile phones or public WiFi.
  • Change email passwords regularly.
  • Make sure passwords are complex and hard to guess.


Improve password security in the company.


Passwords are part of your network’s primary line of defense against cybercrime and data breaches. It should be clear to everyone that passwords are only as strong as you make them.


Encourage members of the company to change passwords regularly. Passwords should be unique and should not be used across multiple accounts. You should also avoid adding common phrases or personal information to your password.


You should also emphasize that no one should share their passwords with anyone. Implementing a strict password policy can help you improve email security in the company.

Workplace Network How To Improve Password Security

Prepare a cybersecurity plan.


The cybersecurity awareness training and implementation of password policy should be a part of a bigger cybersecurity plan. A complete cybersecurity plan should include the following:


  • policies
  • guidelines
  • requirements
  • recommendations on how to use all the technologies the business uses (this includes email communication channels)


As mentioned previously, you should have an adequate number of security layers to keep your business network safe. Why? Because even if you successfully implement email security best practices in the company, your efforts will be rendered obsolete if your company is vulnerable in other areas.


Use a network security solution to protect your company.


Most enterprise or business network security solutions like Bitdefender business security solutions come equipped with email security features. These features can help you and your company to filter and scan email-based threats which will help reduce the chances of compromising your devices and networks. 


Some network security solution brands also offer advanced security tools made specifically for protecting your email. Installing this type of protection on top of antivirus and other general business security tools will help you create a more effective cybersecurity strategy plan and enforce your efforts to keep the business network safe.




Email is a popular means to communicate with colleagues and clients. Unfortunately, it is also a popular option for cybercriminals to infiltrate your network.


You need to prepare your company by conducting cybersecurity awareness training sessions to help ensure that everyone knows how to handle possible cyberattacks.


You should also emphasize the importance of password safety. It means encouraging each member of the company to change their passwords regularly and reminding them of the risks of password sharing. Everyone should also be encouraged to use unique passwords that do not contain common words or personal details.

Of course, it is important to have several layers of security so it is recommended for you to have antivirus, email security tools, and other network security tools like Bitdefender Business Security solutions.