Bitdefender for Business: Keeping Internal Communications Safe

Sep 14, 2021Cybersecurity, Network Security, Remote Network Security

Running a successful business involves effective communication not only with your clients but also with each member of the company. Communication is the basis of any healthy relationship so leaders should invest in tools to strengthen the bond of each member of the team. However, keep in mind that network security should still be considered when choosing your internal communication tools. Products like Bitfender for business can help you keep your company data and files safe while encouraging employees to engage in healthy internal communications.


Benefits of Bitdefender for Business Combined with an Effective Internal Communication Tool in the Workplace

Bitdefender for Business with an Effective Internal Communication Tool

People tend to perform better when instructions are clear and when they are in a healthy working environment. It also helps efficiency when members of the team can share files and give immediate feedback on each other’s output.


Network security products like Bitdefender for business can improve productivity by eliminating the doubt and fear people have regarding file sharing through communication channels. If you combine the right network security tools with effective communication tools that also have safety features– then your team can seamlessly share files and ideas.


Some of the key benefits of having a safe network environment with the help of Bitdefender for business along with effective communication tools include:


Being able to bring the team on the same page.


Clear communication can help bring the team together to work on the same goal. The right tool can improve the process of assigning tasks and make the work process flow seamlessly such as Bitdefender for business. 


The right tool will help members to organize their projects and tasks and improve their collaboration with the rest of the team members. 


Being able to eliminate confusion.


Although there is a standard process in place, the fear of data breaches can bring in some inconsistency in your work system. For instance, if you feel like your corporate network is vulnerable and you can’t fully trust your communication app with file-sharing or confidential messages– then you might opt to get the results the hard way. To ensure file-sharing is safe and secured, Bitdefender for business is an excellent product to incorporate with.


Many companies are modernizing their communication process by having an internal communication tool in place. These applications help the process by allowing employees to speak with team members, their managers, and even people from other departments without leaving their desks or while they work from home.


This minimizes the time people need to spend setting up a meeting with the people they need. They can request whatever they need and get them almost instantly. However, if someone or the whole team does not trust the tools, fears that the system is vulnerable, or is simply afraid of the possibility that their computer unit will be contaminated by sneaky malware– then the seamless workflow breaks. The different preferences will create confusion within the company in more ways than one.


Security products like Bitdefender for business can help the team feel confident in the digital environment that companies are adapting to in the age of the internet. It has features that will alert you of any threats, analyze suspicious activities, and aid the elimination of possible data breaches in your network.


Being able to share files and knowledge easily.


It is easier to share information through a communication platform since it can be done instantly. It does not significantly affect anyone’s schedule; anyone can easily relay messages by just sending them through the internal communications app. If a meeting is really necessary, people can easily get back to work since they do not have to leave their stations to attend.


Sharing files can be sent instantly as well which means team members can quickly ask their managers for approvals or they can easily ask for help from their colleagues.


This experience can also be made safe and secured by a network security product like Bitdefender for businessIt goes beyond checking if any of your downloaded files from the communication tool is infected with a virus, it maintains the overall safety of your network especially the endpoints. It offers multiple layers of security that allow the system to stop data breaches.


Top Communication Tools that Can Work with Bitdefender for Business in Maintaining a Safe Information Sharing Environment

Communication Tools

Here are some of the top choices when it comes to internal communications:




This app gained significant popularity over the years and for many good reasons too! It is a user-friendly platform that allows even beginners to get a hang of the platform easily.


It is great for sending messages, voice and video calls, and even file sharing.


You can also organize your channels by company department, projects, or client. 


Slack works well with products like Bitdefender for business because it comes with its security features. By default, Slack encrypts the messages and data you send which protects your data while using the app.




Skype has been around for a long time, it has evolved from a tool for personal calls into a great video conferencing app. It has been in the video conferencing industry for more than 15 years and it still manages to be one of the leading competitors out there.


Much like Slack, you can use this application for messaging your team members, sending files, and of course, for conference calls. It also encrypts your files and messages to keep them safe and secured. Incorporating Bitdefender for business with Skype can guarantee network security and safety measures.


However, it is not as organized as Slack when it comes to creating group chats or channels, but it is still one of the best communication tools for businesses.




This communication app was named 2018 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ choice for meeting solutions. It is one of Skype’s strongest competition. Zoom has a lot of great features that can make internal communications easier.


You can use it for conducting online meetings, video webinars, conference calls, etc.


It also has cross-platform messaging and file-sharing that encrypts everything you send through the platform. Now, with the help of Bitdefender for business, a secured file-sharing platform can be achieved.




Creating a safe network environment with the help of Bitdefender for business can help improve communication in the company. Better internal communications allow the business to have a more efficient workflow by allowing each member of the team to quickly gain access to meetings, approvals, or conversations that used to require appointments.


Tools like Slack, Skype, and Zoom are great platforms to use for building up improved internal communication in the company. Their encryption feature is a good start to protecting your corporate data, files, and information while still encouraging communication between professionals, teams, and colleagues.

To take the safety concerns further, it is best to have a network security product like Bitdefender for business. It will provide you with multiple layers of network security that an antivirus cannot give you on its own.