Bitdefender Business Tips: Cybersecurity Training for Employees

Nov 25, 2021Cybersecurity, Network Security

There are many approaches a company can take to address cybersecurity issues and needs. One method may work better for certain businesses than the other. For instance, some businesses work with third-party security service providers, some use security solution products like Bitdefender Business to protect their systems, and some simply hope for the best since they think there are bigger and more appealing targets for cybercriminals.


Although some cyber attackers indeed prefer to go for large enterprises, you cannot rule out the possibility of hackers trying to target startups and medium-sized businesses. Everyone is a potential target for cybercriminals.


Importance of Cybersecurity Training

Importance of Cybersecurity Training

Not every company has a dedicated IT security team. For instance, while larger companies are more likely to have them, smaller businesses tend to rely on a singular multitasking IT staff or not have one at all. 


And even for companies with a team of dedicated IT security professionals, the quality of skills and knowledge may still vary. 


Cybersecurity training should be a requirement nowadays due to the growing use of technology for businesses. On top of the growing popularity of technology in business, more and more companies are offering work-from-home options to their employees. Both situations offer benefits for both companies and employees, but these also mean more opportunities for cybercriminals to attack.


The better each member of the company understands the concept of cybersecurity and the methods cybercriminals use– the better chances the company has of avoiding data and network breaches. Thus, cybersecurity training is imperative.


Bitdefender Business Tips: Topics to Cover for Cybersecurity Training

There are several ways to protect your network including endpoint and network security software and programs.


One of the reliable names in cybersecurity is Bitdefender Business Security which offers products that are all-in-one solutions aiming to protect workstations, servers, email, and gadgets while also providing unified security administration. Each Bitdefender product combines all security services into a single platform to secure devices on your network across all platforms and devices.


However, educating each member of the company can significantly boost any security measures that you may have in place. Aside from firewalls, web filters, and antivirus software– the employees should understand which websites, apps, and programs they should and should not view while connected to the corporate network. They should also be updated with the latest methods cybercriminals use to infiltrate business networks.


Here are some important points to cover during cybersecurity training:


Phishing Emails


This method has been around for a long time. Since it is a fairly easy method that requires very little resources, nearly every beginner hacker tries to steal user credentials using phishing emails.


Back in the day, it was easier to spot phishing emails due to the format and email address used. However, cybercriminals are more meticulous with their emails nowadays. Some can even make the message look like a legit email from your bank! 


To identify phishing emails, check their tone, the actual email address, and do NOT click any links.


Official emails from respectable establishments should not sound threatening. Check the actual email address of the sender NOT the display name– people can easily fake this. Lastly, do not click on any link until you’ve confirmed the authenticity of the email and sender. You may HOVER to see if they point to the right website, but do NOT click.




Do not trade security for convenience. Sure, you won’t ever forget your password, but at what cost?


Remind each member of the company to use different passwords for every account and website. They should also activate the two-factor authentication feature if it is available. It may mean extra steps, but it also means better security for the company.


A data breach can break the trust of all your clients and customers, and it can also put your personal information at risk. It’s better to take the extra steps than to inflict irreversible damage on so many people including yourself.


Malicious Software


Surely, no member of the company intentionally downloads malicious software. But cybercriminals can disguise their malicious software as safe-looking FREE software or plugins.


If you or any of your team members is experiencing performance issues or strange behaviors from your computer units and/or network– then you should immediately have an IT professional examine your system. Some Bitdefender Business products and other cybersecurity tools can help detect malicious software as well.


Public WiFi


As mentioned previously, the work-from-home option is more available to employees nowadays. Working during travels is also an option. Unfortunately, not every public WiFi is safe. Hackers can easily set up a digital intercept point between your device and the public network which will give them access to all the information and data that you are sending and receiving.


If you or your team member really need to connect to a public network, using a VPN or a Virtual Private Network is recommended.




Implementing cybersecurity measures on your company network should be a priority, especially now that there is a rising rate of cyberattacks all over the world. Use reliable security tools like Bitdefender Business security solutions.


Cybersecurity training is also a form of weapon against cyberattacks. Understanding cyberattack methods and the fundamentals of cybersecurity can help you and your team make informed decisions while using corporate networks and even your home devices.