Bitdefender Business Security | Types of Network Protection

Aug 20, 2021Cybersecurity, Network Security, Remote Network Security

Network security is one of the essential factors of running any business. Why? Because clients trust that you will be protecting their data and information once they choose to work with you. This reason is why you need to keep your shared data secure. The market has many network security options and Bitdefender business security software products are some of the popular ones as they offer a wide range of security solutions.


You can count on a reliable network security solution to help reduce overhead expenses by keeping your system safe from data breaches or other security issues.


Different Types of Network Security Protection

types of network protection

Here are different types of network security protection that you should have in your system:




This type of network security protection controls incoming and outgoing traffic on networks. You can set predetermined security rules that the firewall will follow. 


Firewalls can block malware and application-layer attacks by keeping out unfriendly or suspicious traffic away from your network.


Network Segmentation


As the name suggests, this type of protection requires you to define boundaries between network segments. It’s for situations where a group’s assets share a common function, risk, or responsibility within an organization.


One example is the perimeter gateway segments a company network from the Internet, defining the boundaries between network segments can help keep potential threats outside the network while ensuring that an organization’s sensitive data remains inside. 


Access Control


This type of network security is about defining the people or groups and the devices that have access to network applications and systems. By controlling access to your network and system, you can deny access to unsanctioned users and even network threats. 




VPN is gaining popularity, especially for remote workers. This type of network security protection provides remote and secure access to a company network to users involved with your company. VPN does not only help bypass geo-locked content by disguising your IP address, but it also ensures that cybercriminals cannot trace your tracks back to your system.


Email Security


Any practices, products, or services meant to keep your email accounts and information safe from external threats are referred to as email security. Although most email service providers include built-in email security mechanisms to keep you safe, these may not be enough to prevent fraudsters from gaining access to your data.



Advanced network security solutions like Bitdefender business security products have integrated sandbox as an inclusion to their many benefits. 


Sandboxing is the process of running code or opening files on a host machine in a safe, isolated environment that resembles end-user operating environments. 


Sandboxing searches for dangerous activity in files or code when they are opened, preventing dangers from entering the network. Malware in PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files, for example, can be safely recognized and blocked before they reach an unwary end user.


Cloud Network Security


Both businesses and individuals can use cloud services to host applications and workloads. Gone are the times when these can only be housed in a local data center on-premises. 


To keep up with the movement of application workloads to the cloud, the modern data center requires more flexibility and innovation.




You can secure shared data, keep cybercriminals away, and improve your network performance by just investing in your network security. You will also be lowering overhead costs by making sure that you do not have to spend a dime trying to fix costly data breaches.