Bitdefender Business Guide for Avoiding Identity Theft

Oct 13, 2021Cybersecurity, Network Security

Cybercriminals can do many things once they gain access to any sensitive data, one of which is identity theft. Identity theft is a serious crime that can cause significant inconveniences and damages to victims. You don’t want to be a victim of identity theft, and you especially don’t want your company to be the reason why your clients could be one. Bitdefender Business products and other similar network security software can help prevent data breaches that can help hackers steal identities. 


Did you know that a significant percentage of identity theft cases happen in the workplace? This reason is why businesses should invest in an effective, multilayered security system like Bitdefender Business products.


Effects of Identity Theft and Ways Bitdefender Business Products Can Help

Bitdefender Business Products Identity Theft

Victims of identity theft will find themselves feeling unsure and doubtful of everyone including their loved ones. Aside from the emotional damages, most if not all victims also find themselves dealing with financial repercussions for things that they did not do. 


Companies hold a massive amount of data including both employee and client information, which makes them tempting targets to cybercriminals. A data breach in a business setting can result in employee and client data being stolen and used to gain access to finance-related accounts. Or worse, their data can be used to create false financial accounts.


Since employers need to protect all this data because they may be held liable to federal laws, state laws, and privacy legislation– network security should be one of the top priorities in the business.


Network security products like Bitdefender Business offers antivirus, anti-malware, software firewall, content control, device control, and Microsoft Exchange protection. This multilayered approach to security can help keep cybercriminals or hackers off your network and prevent data breaches that lead to identity theft.


Ways to Protect Clients and Employees from Identity Theft

Protect Clients and Employees from Identity Theft (1)

Aside from making sure that the company network and computer units are protected by effective security software, there are other ways that a company can protect its data, including the following:


Creating a data privacy program.


A data privacy program covers an emergency plan for when a cybercriminal attempts to get into the network. Regardless of the attempts succeed or fail, there should be some kind of response plan in place.


A data privacy plan should also implement policies that state the restrictions on sharing information. The policies may include regulating file-sharing programs or avoiding link sharing that can provide unintended access to users.


Conducting cyber awareness training and seminars.


Educating employees can help them make informed decisions while using the company network. Training should include utilizing operating systems, recognizing potential phishing scams, etc.


Keeping software and systems up to date.


Cybercriminals can find an entry point to your network if your operating system and software are not updated. If a company does not have a dedicated team to do this, employees should be trained on how to do it. 


At the End of the Day


Advancements in technology do not only benefit honest people. Unfortunately, cybercriminals have the same access to these innovations as well. Nowadays, it’s just a matter of time until a hacker tries to attack your network.


A data breach can occur at any company anytime, and where there is a data breach– there is the possibility of identity theft.


Preventing a data breach is so much better than handling the aftermath of a cyberattack, so invest in a multilayered network security solution like Bitdefender Business to keep hackers and malicious software away from your sensitive files.


Aside from a trustworthy security solution, you can keep your network safe by making sure that everyone in the team is well-informed about the risk of a cyberattack and keeping everything updated.


It is also important for companies to have a data privacy program aside from Bitdefender business where they set policies and make a plan for when a cyberattack takes place.


Lastly, make sure to report the breach and identity threat to the Federal Trade Commission.