Bitdefender Business Cybersecurity Tools You Need to Learn

Nov 12, 2021Cybersecurity, Network Security

Cybersecurity should be a priority for any business now more than ever. The availability of work-from-home options has opened up opportunities for cybercriminals to attack companies by targeting their employee’s work devices. Software and security solutions like Bitdefender Business can help defend your corporate network by protecting your endpoints and adding several layers of security measures to your system. 


Professionals like IT specialists and cybersecurity analysts know their way around the company network and system, and they have tools to help them keep their data and the virtual environment safe such as Bitdefender Business.


Read on to learn about the tools you need to know for keeping your network safe: 


Bitdefender Business and Other Cybersecurity Tools

Bitdefender Business Cybersecurity Tools

Here are some of the tools that IT professionals and cybersecurity analysts use to keep corporate networks safe:


Network Security Monitoring Tools


As the name suggests, this type of tool analyzes network data to detect threats.


Data Encryption Tools


Cybercriminals are after important, private, and sensitive data from their target. It could range from personal information to financial details. Encryption tools help protect data by making them unreadable to unauthorized users.


Vulnerability Scanning Tools


This cybersecurity tool is used for scanning web applications to identify any vulnerabilities. Web vulnerability scanning tools test web applications for common security problems including cross-site scripting (XSS), SQL injection, and cross-site request forgery (CSRF).


Penetration Test


Penetration testing or pen test stimulates or mimics an attack on the computer system to evaluate the security. Understanding where your security is weak will allow you to know where you need to improve which makes this tool useful in securing your network.


Antivirus Software


Everyone knows what antivirus software is and it is one of the most common cybersecurity tools. This type of software is created and designed to detect viruses and malware like ransomware, adware, spyware, and more.


Network Intrusion Detection


A network intrusion detection tool monitors your system and network traffic for unusual activities. It also notifies the admin if any threat is detected within the system.


Packet Analyzer


This cybersecurity tool is designed to intercept, log, and analyze your network traffic and data.


Importance of Cybersecurity Training

Cybersecurity tools and solutions like Bitdefender Business are important elements when it comes to keeping your network safe. However, tools can only do so much if the users are not careful when connected to the company network.


Do you need to have cybersecurity experts in the company to stay safe from cyberattacks? Although having some experts on the matter is beneficial in many ways, some companies can manage with just their IT staff and some cybersecurity awareness training.


You and your team can gain skills related to cybersecurity through training programs and seminars. Contrary to common belief, coding or programming is not mandatory skills when learning cybersecurity-related skills. Most of the tools mentioned above have user-friendly programs available. For instance, Bitdefender Business security solution products all have a user-friendly dashboard that makes navigating each feature easy to access.


Learning cybersecurity is more about understanding the fundamentals of information technology systems and networks– and less about coding and programming.


At The End of the Day


Businesses need to invest in the security of their network and data. Cyberattacks can make or break a company’s reputation. Clients and customers trust you with their personal information so protecting their data should be a priority.

Cybersecurity tools can make protecting your corporate network easier. It is a good idea to implement a multilayered security setup to ensure that data breaches are prevented.

It takes time to learn about the fundamentals of cybersecurity and it takes longer to develop the skills, knowledge, and experience to be an expert on the matter. Fortunately, there are network security solutions like Bitdefender Business that offer user-friendly options– anyone can learn it!